Stuff Every Coffee Lover Should Know
Little Roaches (Music): Fu** the Haters
Little Roaches (Music): A Day Without Shoes
Stuff Every Man Should Know (2020)
Whisper Down the Lane
La Historia del Arca de Noé, Tal Como me la Han Contado a mi
The GayBCs
A5 Sewn Notebook: Creer Para Ver
The Wild World Handbook: Habitats
Little Kid, Big City: New York
Little Kid, Big City: London
Let's Find Momo Board Book Outdoors
Kid Innovators
Magnet: Lesson from a Mountain Top
Magnet: Today's Danger (Clusterfuck)
Pocket Winter Book
Fantasy Stone Card: PersisEthyst
Fantasy Stone Card: Parentite
Fantasy Stone Card: Birthday Quartz
2021 PLANNERS  Minimal
Book Club 2021 Planner
Sticker Cards: Dog Mom for Life! Happy Birthday!
Sticker Cards: The Patriarchy Isn't Going to Fight Itself!
Sticker Cards: You Are Doing a Fukcing Great Job!
Sticker Cards: Kept Going
Sticker Cards: Cat Lady for Life
Dreams: Remembering, Writing Down & Explaining
Guided Journals:  Hey Thanks!
Guided Journals:  Self Helping Myself
Qué Paso en Aquellos Nueve Meses?
Happimess 2021 Planner
Slow Living: A Year with Creative Projects
A Year of You: 2021 Emotional Planner
It’s Your Funeral: Plan the Celebration of a Lifetime Before It’s Too Late
Undated Weekly Planner: Crush Those Goals
Undated Weekly Planner: WTF
Undated Weekly Planner: Make a Plan!
Witches: Manual for a Magical Life!
El Libro de los Saludos
The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy
Modern Witch Solar Planner
Botanical Planner
The Modern Witch Logbook
Flashy Nails: Create an Artwork of your nails
Crystal Clear
The Fangirl's Journal
Sticker Cards: You Are Very Smart and Pretty! Happy Birthday!
Sticker Cards: I'm a Grown-Ass Lady and I Do What I Want! Happy Birthday!
Sticker Cards: You Are a Straight Up Gift to Humanity! Happy Birthday!
Sticker Cards: Oh, For Fuck's Sake!
Fantasy Stone Card: Braverite
Fantasy Stone Card: Comparison Stone
Fantasy Stone Card: Functional Adult
Magnet: Smart and Pretty
Little Roaches (Litterature): Helpful Hints for a Divorce
The Advent Calendar: Countdown to a Lovely Christmas
Affirmators Mantra: Evening
Affirmators Mantra: Morning
Little Roaches (Young): School Never Again!
Personal Library Kit: Classic Edition
Personal Library Kit: Cookbook Edition
Personal Library Kit: Self Help Edition
Oh-So Fancy Sticky Sets with Gel Pen: Two Stars
Oh-So Fancy Sticky Sets with Gel Pen: Two Hearts
How to Start a Fire with Water
Magnet: You Are a Gift to Humanity
Magnet: Oh, For Fuck's Sake!
Oedipus the King
The Three Muskaters
Sense and Sensibility
Little Roaches (Litterature): Breather
Little Roaches (Litterature): Thank You!
Magnet: Life Is a Pizza Crust
The Turn of the Screw
David Copperfield
Blanca Nieve
Little Roaches (Litterature): With Your Heads in the Clouds
Little Roaches (Poetry): What Remains
Backyard Cooking
Desk Planner Weekly Ringed: Happimess
Desk Planner Weekly Block: Wanderlust
Desk Planner Weekly Block: Happimess Colorblock
Desk Planner Monthly: the Universe
Desk Planner Monthly: Believe
Makers Agenda A5: Horizon
Happimess Agenda A5: Arma tu Propria Revolucion
Mil Tomates y una Rana
Go Greener! 52 Tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle
2020 Moon Planner
Bruja Moderna
Vuelta al Sol: A Year of You
Cursed Objects
Bitacora de la Felicitad
Secret Santa
Conquista tu Casa
Libro Tropico
For Your Consideration: Maya Rudolph