Every year brings dozens of new books about legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. Now Quirk is unveiling The Crimes of Dr. Watson, the first completely interactive Sherlock Holmes mystery. This book, complete with Victorian-era illustrations, contains an original novella in the form of a letter from Dr. John H. Watson. It’s also packed with clues for you, the reader, to ponder, including: an article ripped from a newspaper in California; a mysterious manuscript page torn into several pieces; a catalog of Victorian medicines and marital aids; a strange ghostly image that seems to detail the interior of the human body! (X-rays were invented in 1895); plus a telegram, an arrest report, an empty matchbook, a train schedule, and more. Once you’ve finished reading Watson’s letter, it’s up to you to sift through the clues and solve the mystery. And when you think you’ve identified the culprit, you can slice open the book’s final signature (sealed at the printer) to read the remainder of the story. 4-color with 80pp insert; Pub. Month: November 2007


  • 64 pages
  • 10 x 8 inches
  • 4 colors
  • Hardcover w/ interac

Rights available for...

  • Dutch
  • French