You laughed at Secret Lives of the Presidents (80,000 net). You cried at Secret Lives of the First Ladies (25,000 net). Now it’s time to leave the history classroom and go down the hall to English 101. Here are irreverent and fun-filled bios of all the writers you were forced to read in high school – from Shakespeare and Jane Austen to J.D. Salinger and Sylvia Plath. You’ll thrill to a host of kooky literary trivia: Kurt Vonnegut used to manage a Saab dealership; Edgar Allan Poe was kicked out of West Point Military Academy; as a boy, Ernest Hemingway was dressed in girl’s clothes by his mother—in fact, she often introduced him as “my daughter.” Secret Lives of Classic Literature is a rollicking tour of through the highs and lows of great literature.


  • 304 pages
  • 1 color
  • 40 2-color illustrat
  • paperback

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