All the world’s a stage when the curtains rise on this theater-in-a-box! Masterpuppet Theatre features 60 paper finger puppets of your favorite Shakespeare characters—from Hamlet and Ophelia to Lady Macbeth, King Lear, Romeo, Juliet, Puck, Falstaff, and more, and a 96-page “folio” of scripts from Shakespeare’s greatest hits. With just a few flicks of your fingers, you can jaunce and jet through the greatest moments in English literature. It’s great for kids, it’s great for college students, it’s great for Youtube. We’ve taken the liberty of including blank cards so you can illustrate your own characters—or download free “printables” of robots, ninjas, and pirates from The play’s the thing—and with Masterpuppet Theatre at your side, the world is thine oyster! Includes 60 finger puppets, 12 sets 4-color cards, book 14.95 USD


  • 96 pages
  • 9 x 10 inches
  • children ages 7+
  • 4 colors

Rights available for...

  • Dutch
  • French