We’ve all heard Yo Momma jokes before. They’re heartless, hurtful, and cruel. “Yo momma so stupid, she needs two hours to watch 60 Minutes.” “Yo momma so ugly, they filmed Gorillas in the Mist in her shower.” Now, just in time for Mother’s Day, Quirk Books is proud to present Yo Momma So Extraordinary, the first ever book of Yo Momma compliments: Yo momma has so many cats it’s like DAAAAAMN! Which one should I pet first? Yo momma so considerate she puts sheets on the couch when she stays over so it looks like I slept on it. Yo momma so much older than I am that sometimes I question if what we have together is right. Yo momma so hygienic she sings the birthday song while she washes her hands to ensure that they are clean. This hilarious impulse humor book pays tribute to lovely mommas everywhere with over 150 compliments and dozens of ridiculously funny photos of the ardent young men who love them. $12.95


  • 144 pages
  • 5 x 7 inches
  • 2 colors
  • paperback

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