He is the perfect presidential candidate. Conservatives love his hard-hitting Republican résumé. Liberals love his passion for peaceful diplomacy. The media can’t get enough of his larger-than-life personality. Regular folks can identify with his larger-than-life physique. And all the American people love the fact that he\'s an honest, hard-working man who tells it like it is. There\'s just one problem. He is William Howard Taft... and he was already president a hundred years ago. So what on earth is he doing alive and well and considering a running mate in 2012? A most extraordinary political fable, Jason Heller’s unforgettable debut novel follows the strange second life of Taft, the gentle giant who never wanted to be president in the first place, as he tries to survive the hyperactive tempest of 21st-century politics. US$14.95


  • 320 pages
  • 5 x 8 inches
  • 1 color
  • Trade Paperback

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