Young Eric awakes one morning on the ceiling of his bedroom, having somehow lost his gravitational pull. Now Eric must solve the problem of appearing normal at school. Loading his pockets with the heaviest things he can scrounge up tethers him a bit more, but not altogether. In gym, the phys ed teacher insists that Eric must wear the usual shorts and-t-shirt. Upon removing his heavy-laden sweater, Eric levitates up to, and gets stuck in, the basketball hoop. Though he feels mortified, it turns out that the kids think he is freaky-cool, and many of them share their unusual attributes and abilities. This makes Eric feel much less weird, and he discovers a few upsides to a lack of gravity.   Selling Points Offbeat but classic: The lead character\'s lack of gravity is a fresh and funny twist on the classic, and very relatable, theme of \"being different.\" Distinctive illustrations: Star on the rise Jenni Desmond\'s illustrations offer an unusual combination of humor and elegance. Funny!: Being stuck to the ceiling—or in a basketball hoop—and getting into all sorts of weird trouble at school will elicit giggles and empathy. Slightly science-y: The story weaves in some real facts about gravity and how astronauts handle its absence. $17.99 US


  • 40 pages
  • 8.5 x 11 inches
  • children ages 4+
  • 4 colors
  • Hardcover with Jacket

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  • Portuguese (Brazil)
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  • Dutch
  • French
  • Spanish