In this Banana Bunch installation, the club-buddies play hide-and-go-seek, share a picnic, come up with a secret club password, and decide to raise some revenue by putting on a magic show. At 50-cents per ticket, they know that their acts better be good! Mindreading Molly and coin and card tricks all lead up to the finale featuring a disappearing Scruffy (the club\'s dog-member). Though Scruffy explains how his trick was done, since he can only bark, it remains mysterious! Suggestions for a couple of magic-related activities cap off the book. Contemporary/classic: Nothing supernatural, no super powers--the characters and stories reflect the stuff of real kids and actual childhood experiences. Any kid will be able to imagine him/herself as being part of this Bunch. Classic style: The Banana Bunch uses a traditional, third-person mix of narration and dialogue. Other titles in Jump-Into-Chapters use all-dialogue and/or comics-style narration. Engaging and easy-to-read: A spare text pairs with relatable kid-characters that are at the perfect level of complexity for new readers. Taps into a growing trend of longer page count/lower word count early readers. A little extra: Each BB book ends with an activity suggestion related to that title\'s story or theme. Next! In Spring 2015 the Bunch returns with a trip to the beach and a rockin\' snowball fight. Series Overview: The Banana Bunch books are part of Blue Apple\'s Jump-Into-Chapters series. These character-driven stories entertain, empower, and increase the reading proficiency of kids who want to tackle a long, \"big kid\" book, but aren\'t quite ready for text-heavy readin


  • 72 pages
  • 6.5 x 9 inches
  • children ages 5+
  • 4 colors
  • Hardcover

Rights available for...

  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Europe)
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Spanish