Each night Mr Wakagi dreams of a garden, and each night Mr Wakagi becomes an animal in that garden. He becomes a frog, a rabbit, a fox… And, as he feels the rhythm of nature, he becomes also the rain and the wind. Until one day he realizes that the garden has been his school and now he feels ready to disappear in it, to become nature on his own. While reading the poetical words written by the Chilean poet María José Ferrada, this book unfolds in front of your eyes, as you will see how the beauty of this garden appear in the unfolding scroll created by Isidro Ferrer. Includes 10 panels + cover tubular folding Special mention for the fiction category in Bologna 2017.


  • 10 pages
  • 18 x 18 centimeters
  • 4 colors
  • 10 panels + cover tubular folding

Rights available for...

  • Portuguese (Europe)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • French
  • English
  • Dutch