TARGET CONSUMER: Home cooks Recent graduates Gift givers A practical guide to showing your stuff in the kitchen. The latest in Quirk's best-selling Stuff series, Stuff Every Cook Should Know is an indispensible reference for any kitchen. With entries on how to make a meal plan, common ingredient substitutions, how to throw a dinner party, tips for organizing a small kitchen, and much more, this book has everything a home cook needs to know. The kitchen basics you need, from knife cuts to caring for cast iron. How to handle three meals a day: packing a lunch, organizing breakfast, balancing your diet, and more. Tips for entertaining, from what to cook for a date to dealing with red wine stains. The advice isn't recipe specific, so it's good for whatever type of cuisine and difficulty level you cook. It's not only good for people who love to cook, it's a great present for anyone with a housewarming, graduation, or other reason to set up a kitchen.


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  • Hardcover

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