This hilarious pastiche of Agatha Christie's AND THEN THERE WERE NONE embraces all the classic conventions of the Golden Age of Mystery -- with a thoroughly contemporary cast of characters! TARGET CONSUMER: Men and Women 18+ who enjoy classic mysteries...and contemporary comedy. After starring in a hit TV comedy show and a string of blockbuster movies, Dustin Walker was one of the biggest names in Hollywood--until one day he just walked away from everything. A decade later, he invites ten different comedians to his private island retreat for a weekend of comic brainstorming. There's Billy the Contractor, a "blue collar" comic who performs with a Glock holstered on his waist "because the 2nd amendment says I can!" There's Janet Kahn, the aging Las Vegas icon famous for her nasty insults. There's even Orange Baby Man, the most-loathed prop comic in America. But within hours of arriving on a seemingly deserted Pacific island, these comics learn there is more to Dustin's offer than meets the eye -- and soon the murders begin. This hilarious homage brings all of the classic tropes of the world's most famous mystery novel into the 21st century. It's also a fascinating look at the twisted psychology of stand-up comedians everywhere. A funny spin on a timeless story. AND THEN THERE WAS NONE (first published as 10 Little Indians) is frequently ranked among the top ten highest-selling novels of all time, with a reported 100 million copies in print. 10 DEAD COMEDIANS is not just a comic novel -- it's also a well-crafted "fair play" mystery in its own right. Somehow 1 of these 10 comedians is secretly murdering all the others -- but how? And why? If you pay attention to the clues, you just might figure it out! Endpapers will feature a Clue-style map of the entire mansion, secret passageways and all. Hilarious comic monologues of each of the characters periodically interrupt the narrative.


  • 336 pages
  • 5.25 x 8 inches
  • 1 color
  • Paperback

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