TARGET CONSUMER: Readers of internet humor like Tinder Nightmares and the books of David Thorne. Followers of internet culture and social media trends. Knit me into a me eat a burrito...pretend to be a chair at my dinner party...wrestle a komodo dragon...race me in a lobster suit. Author Kelly Mahon posts absurd gig ads online, and shares the conversations she had with the brave souls who wanted the job. We're living in a gig economy. But would you respond to an online ad seeking someone to search for escaped ants? Or take an offer for a free tattoo by someone who "needs the practice?" How about a mattress for sale "tainted by geriatric love" or a workout plan that involves throwing Virginia hams? And if you hit reply, and the poster is sketchy about the details or offers to pay you with a gift card for clams, how long would you keep the conversation going? When NYC copywriter Kelly Mahon started posting weird, fake gig ads as a creative outlet, she found that there was someone interested in every bizarre offer she came up with. And the subsequent awkward email threads were equally hilarious and bizarre. Race Me In A Lobster Suit collects Mahon's funniest fabrications, plus the hysterical email conversations that followed as she ratcheted up the crazy. While some respondants become suspicious, others seem willing to play along with the joke. And don't worry, everyone involved agreed to share their emails in the book, so there are no hard feelings. In a world where it seems like everyone's suspicious of everyone else, it's nice to know that there are still people who will at least consider helping a stranger reenact a recurring spider nightmare, or explain the principles of pig Latin to a baffled mother of three. Hilarious and surreal fake Craigslist ads, plus equally funny real email threads with people who responded. A fun gift or self-purchase for fans of absurd offbeat contemporary humor and prank shows like Impractical Jokers. Short and sweet humor in an affordable package that you can dip into whenever you need a laugh. Great for bus or subway reading, or at the beach, or to entertain friends at parties. Part sociological experiment, part prank, all hysterically entertaining. Huffington Post coverage: "These Craigslist Ads Looking For Odd Services Are Hilarious, Good Fun." --Huffington Post


  • 208 pages
  • 5.25 x 8 inches
  • 4 colors

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