Things are finally looking up for average tomcat Steve Catson and his pet man Manfried. But when the local man shelter is short of funds, Steve's purrfriend Henrietta has to find a solution or close the shelter down forever. Can Manfried save the day? Or is he too busy fighting with his new roommate Garfield, a stray man Steve adopted? Get ready for an all-new adventure starring web-comic sensation Manfried, the crabby but lovable pet man of slacker tomcat Steve Catson. Things seem to be looking up for them: Steve has a new job making comics and a burgeoning romance with his purrfriend Henrietta. Manfried is making new friends at the local man shelter, helping stray men become socialized so they can find new homes. But when a literal fat cat arrives to develop the neighborhood and shut down Henrietta's man shelter, the stress pushes Steve and Henrietta apart. Meanwhile Manfried is none too happy about sharing his home with a younger, cuter, friendlier rival for Steve's attention: a stray man named Garfield. Can Steve and Henrietta resolve their differences and raise the cash to save the shelter...and is entering Manfried into the Manflower Man Show the best way to do it? Fans and newbies alike will find plenty to enjoy in this funny, topsy-turvy cat tale based on the popular Manfried the Man tumblr. Follow-up to the popular graphic novel Manfried The Man, which depicts a strange and hilarious world where the roles of cats and people are reversed. A funny, lighthearted graphic novel that takes the familar "cute cat" comic strip and turns it on his head. Return of favorite characters from book 1, including Manfried (of course), Steve, Chelsea, Roger, Henrietta, Charlie, and Whiskey. Plus new cast members like stray man Garfield and a literal Fat Cat villain. Return of Ignatz-nominated artist Kelly Bastow, with cute, colorful, cartoony art and a classic comic strip layout that make this an accessable read, even for anyone not deep into comics. Cat lovers and pet owners will recognize a familiar dynamic between Steve and Manfried...with a reversal that explores the relationship between humans and animals from a new angle.


  • 224 pages
  • 6 x 8.5 inches
  • 4 colors
  • Paperback

Rights available for...

  • French
  • Dutch