"The situation is befetch'd, forsooth!" "She attendeth not this school--gadzooks!" "On Wednesdays 'tis in pink that we attire." "An ordinary mother I am not / But rather I am cool and hip, I wot" "The carriage enter in, make haste, thou clod / 'Tis shopping we endeavor now in squad." The classic movie MEAN GIRLS takes a timewarp back to the days of the Bard! Power struggles. Bitter rivalries. Rampant jealousy. Betrayals. Star-crossed lovers. When you think about it, it's pretty surprising William Shakespeare DIDN'T write Mean Girls. But at last, readers will be treated to the epic drama--and epic hilarity--of the classic teen comedy rendered with the wit, flair, and iambic pentameter of the Bard. The action unfolds as our heroine Cady disguises herself to infilitrate the conniving Plastics, falls for totally-off-limits Aaron, struggles with her allegiance to newfound friends Damian and Janis, and stirs up age-old vendettas between the factions of the high school. Bestselling author Ian Doescher brings his signature Shakespearean wordsmithing to one of the most revered stories of our time. Fourteen years after its release (feel old yet?) Mean Girls has become a cultural phenomenon and cult classic among generations of teen girls and other fans, and is more than apt for an Elizabethan makeover. Mean Girls has become something of a cult classic in the decade plus since its release, and is getting a new boost thanks to the Broadway musical. Written by Ian Doescher, author of the hugely popular Willam Shakespeare's Star Wars series which included several NYT best sellers. Fans of the movie will love the inside jokes; academics and aficionado of the Bard will appreciate the legit Shakespearean content. Hidden surprises and lingusitic jokes add another level of entertainment. Who knew iambic pentameter could be so funny? Builds on the huge following established by WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S STAR WARS online and on social media. Includes interior illustrations; trade paprback format. Officially licensed by Paramount.


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