La Carta  de la Senora Gonzalez

La Carta de la Senora Gonzalez

0 Publishing

A letter’s imaginary journey is never easy! This latest title by Sergio Lairla (text) Ana G. Lartitegui (illustrations), is an ode to life, and mostly love and its very complex journey. It is a representation of how chance is part of life and how life itself rarely moves in a straight line. After...[more]

El Libro de la Suerte

El Libro de la Suerte

Paso Publishing

This book on one side tells the story of Mister Good-luck, but, if you turn it upside down and start reading it from the end, then you will read Mister Bad-luck’s adventure. Both guys live in the same building, but they do not know each other. One is an extremely tidy and organized person who takes...[more]