Goblin Mode: How to Get Cozy, Embrace Imperfection, and Thrive in the Muck
Unplug and Play
Hanging with Vampires
Work it out: Work It Out
Stars, Hide your Fires
Little Roaches (Poetry): Trial and Error (#21)
Happy Buddah: Meditate Step by Step
Little Roaches (Growth):  Be an Artist! (5)
Captain in a Hammock
Recipes in a Scrapbook
Little Roaches (Growth):  Relax. Now! (4)
Express Revolution: Liberate your True Artistic  Expression
Little Roaches (Poetry): Everything Will Pass (#20)
Making Memories
Is It Hot in Here, Or Is It Just Me? A Tracker, Journal + Guide for the Menopause Transition
Little Roaches (Poetry): Far from Home(#19)
Zwerfgoed: Wandering History Activity Book
Somos Universes
Books on Tape: Magical Worlds & Nostalgic Fantasy
Books on Tape: Banned & Scandalous
WItch Calendar: Monthly Calendar full of Witch Wisdom
Bathroom Guest Book
One Word A Day (EMF)
Outdoor Kids: Forests and Trees
The Bride of the Tornado
Un Huevo con Patatas / Una NiÑa con Bicicleta
Little Roaches (Poetry): Come with me (#18)
Little Roaches (Young): It will grow back (17)
Little Roaches (Young): Flea in a Flow (16)
Affirmations from the ’90s Deck
Affirmations from the ’80s Deck
Little Roaches (Litterature): The Slow World (27)
Little Roaches (Litterature): The house at the crossroads
Self-Fermented: Enjoy your Harvest for Mega-long
A Spoonful of Time
Good Night: Your Holistic Guide to the Best Sleep of Your Life
Bruja Moderna
Vuelta al Sol: A Year of You
Bartender de Entrecasa
Conquista tu Casa
Feministas para Colorear
Bitacora de la Felicitad
Moon Planner
The Modern Witch Logbook
Mi Super Plan Para Conquistar el Mundo
Modern Witch Solar Planner
Botanical Planner
A Year of You: 2021 Emotional Planner
Libro Tropico
Let Go of That Sh*t: Overthinking • Overwhelm • Scatterbrain
Let Go of That Sh*t: Anxiety • Stress • Catastrophizing
Pocket Book of Butterflies
Festa no Pomar
Machado de Assis: A Biopic & Graphic Novel
Perfect Picnic!
Filha de Vo
Un tal Pérez Viene a Verme
Un Señor Atasco
Make a List Pad: This Week's List
Make a List Pad: My Legit Goals
Little Roaches (Growth):  You Got This
Toil and Trouble : A Women's History of the Occult
Outdoor Kids: Bird Watching
Little Roaches (Young): When It's Your Birthday!
Little Roaches (Litterature): For Ever
The United States of Cryptids Subtitle: A Tour of American Myths and Monsters
It’s Gonna Be Ok-Ish! Postcard Book
Marry Me, Bitch and 51 Other Ways to Declare your Love to Someone
Little Roaches (Culinary): For Crying Out Loud: Ode to the Onion!
Field Guide to Stains (2022 Version): Field Guide to Stains Subtitle: How to Identify and Remove Vir
This Modern House: Vintage Advice and Practical Science for Happy Home Management
EMF Greeting Card: Mom You Work So Hard
KK Pads: Make a Decision Pad
Paper Tantrum (New Look): Nifty Note
Un Buen Día
The Savvy Job-Hopper’s Guide to Finding a Career
New to You: How to Buy, Fix, and Keep Secondhand Clothing
KK Pads: Where is my Money? Weekly Spending Tracker
What's Your Grief? Lists to Help You Through Any Loss
Ghost Eaters
Little Roaches (Poetry): In a Train
Little Roaches (Growth):  You're Worth It!
Little Roaches (Culinary): A bowl of comfort
Em & Friends Boxed Cards Singles: Deck Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
Em & Friends Boxed Cards Singles: You're a Straight Gift to Humanity
Em & Friends Boxed Cards Singles: You're the Best
Em & Friends Boxed Cards Singles: There is no Good Card for This
Sticky Note Variety Packets: All the Things
Sticky Note Variety Packets: Crap Ever End?
The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me Today Journal
Un Libro de la Selva
Your Own Paradise
¿Cómo se visten los pájaros?
Little Roaches (Growth):  How to Become a Film Snob
Hola, mi Luna
Green Happiness
Little Roaches (Poetry): Always Ending Up with You