Donkey lives close to a weeping willow, and when the weeping willow cries, Donkey cries as well. One day he decides he’s had enough of crying and goes for a walk. He meets a nice little mouse who, after a few accidents, ends up with a beautiful red bow she’s bought in the town’s market. Donkey falls in love with her, but her personality has suddenly gone sour and she treats him poorly. Donkey has the greatest idea: he will disguise himself as another animal and get to talk with her again. His plan unfortunately doesn’t pan out, but donkey realizes that he’s really good at coming up with costumes, and starts creating quite a few. Nonetheless his good humour doesn’t resist rejection after rejection and he starts walking away. But as he reaches the market where the little mouse bought her bow, he discovers that there’s something wrong about that place and the ribbon must be enchanted. So good as he has become with costumes, he creates a new astonishing one with the aim of going back and save the mouse. This way his legend begins….


  • 32 pages
  • 21 x 26 centimeters
  • 4 colors
  • Hardcover

Rights available for...

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Europe)