"Bloodsucking insects" have been present in our daily lives for generations now. Insects such as mosquitoes and fleas are part of human history and have been responsible for the deaths of millions of people over time. Actually, it is said that the mosquitoe is the deadliest of foe to man! In addition to the insects, some species of bats, leeches and ticks are included in this sucking team that is already part of our imagination with stories and legends, like the vampires. And there are many fiction books about vampires, bloodsuckers in human form, but almost nothing is said about the bloodsuckers of real life. In this book we learn about these species, separate fact from fiction and useful facts and curiosities that will call your attention as much as an intriguing story of vampires.


  • 48 pages
  • 24 x 20 centimeters
  • 2 colors
  • Hardcover

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