It all begins when Miya moves into a new house with her parents and her dog Shimeji. It’s an old japanese house, filled with piles of old boxes left by the old tenants. One afternoon, Miya and her new friend, Anton, find an old videogame in the attic. The two friends decide to play the videogame and things get really, really strange. Miya and Anton will face many challenges trying to get back to the “real” house, and amongst the monsters they will find a little girl as frightened as they are, living in the “dark version” of the house. They might get back to their own reality... but something tells Miya that as long as that little girl is afraid, the house won’t ever be normal again.


  • 144 pages
  • 13 x 20 centimeters
  • 2 colors
  • Hardcover

Rights available for...

  • Spanish
  • French
  • English
  • Dutch