Positive feedback from your environment is a proven instrument of the Positive Psychology. With this, you will appreciate your own talents more so that you will be able to use these talents even more. Is there a better gift than that? Yes, there is. That feedback combined, to leaf through again and again. Here is the book where you can fil in the blanks: We love you, Friends Book for Adults. This Friends Book contains questions like: "Do not worry about ..." "The best thing about our friendship is..." "Your strengths are ...." The questions are designed by Ivo Jansen, who was inspired by an exercise of the Positive Psychology, the Reflected Best Self Portrait. The focus is on the positive experience of people. The epilogue of the book is written by Jan Walburg, Professor of Positive Psychology. After reading the complete filled book, you know better what you mean for your friends. And you get an idea about what qualities you could use even more often. The best heartwarming gift you’ve never got! Illustrated by Sue Doeksen, designed by Ricardo Leite. Word Count: 1507 words retail price: 16.99 Euros


  • 112 pages
  • 16.7 x 25 centimeters
  • 4 colors
  • Paperback with flaps

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  • French
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