Author Lisa Kroon had a lot of support from loved ones that wrote down their memories after her parents passed away. The purpose of this Book of Memories is to capture all those memories, and to create a precious gift for relatives. It remains hard to find comforting words when someone passes away, but there are always memories. The memories make sure that someone won’t be forgotten. Memories could give tears or put a smile on your face. Gather together with friends and relatives the most beautiful stories, the funniest anecdotes and best pictures about/from someone who is being missed. Either just after a lost or years later: this book would be a beautiful gift for someone who could use some brightness in his or her life. Friends and family could answer questions in this luxurious designed book, such as: what is your most beautiful memory of this person? When did you meet? What would you like to say to this person if you had the chance? What were his/her most beautiful characteristics? What would be your funniest memory together? There is also space for writing, drawing and pictures in order to make the stories even more personal. Price: €19,99 Word count: 4,800 Release: September 23, 2018 Key selling points: • Beautiful illustrated by Maartje van den Noort. • A book filled with memories of a deceased loved one. It would be a precious and beautiful gift for relatives. • With space for writing, drawing and pictures to make the memories even more personal. Printer specs Extent: cover 4 pp with flap of 180 mm on the first page 120 pp inside Size: 190 x 260 mm Paper: cover 400 gsm 2 side artboard Printing: cover 4/0/ (fc) + 1/0 matt lamination inside 4/4 (fc) notary lock 1/0 (pms 485) Binding: thread sewn, cloth spine on the book block colour pms 485, Swiss binding notary lock with black string Title: Extra costs on a foreword in slit on flap of the cover Size: 190 x 260 mm Paper: 140 gsm wf offset Printing: 4/4 (fc)


  • 112 pages
  • 19 x 26 centimeters
  • 4 colors
  • Swiss Binding

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