No more stress when you get unexpected visitors thanks to Snor’s Cleaning Calendar! With a little task scheduled on a weekly basis and another big one once a month, each time a different room, your house will be organized and clean at all times! Start using this endless (date-less) calendar and put it in your kitchen or in an obvious place in your house, and never forget a cleaning task. Get a clean house, and a clear head! Price: €14,99 Release: January 2 2019 Key selling points: • The successor of the Household Calendar • Beautifully illustrated by We Are Out of Office • With overviews per week and month Printer specs Title: Schoonmaakkalender Extent: Inside: 112 pages 5 sheets with tab Cover 2 x 2 pages paper stand 2,5 mm board Size: 140 x 140 mm Paper: Cover: 128 gsm art paper + 2mm greyboard sheet with tab 250 gsm 2 side art board Inside: 120 gsm wf offset Paper stand: 128 gsm art paper + 2.5mm greyboard Printing: Cover: 4/4 + 1/0 matt lamination + 1/0 spot UV lac sheets with tab $/$ + 1/1 matt lamination Inside: 4/4 Paper stand: 4/4 + matt lamination Binding: collecting, wire-o binding (pms yellow wire-o), hanging in paper stand


  • 112 pages
  • 22.2 x 14.4 centimeters
  • 4 colors
  • wire-o binding (pms yellow wire-o), hanging in paper stand

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  • Portuguese (Brazil)
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