A song text about the joy of sex In October 2019 Little Roaches will make a spectacular entrance in the bookshops of the Netherlands and Belgium. A complete card mill will appear in many shops , filled with 32 little cockroaches: booklets to send. Each booklet comes with a matching envelope. Themes Little cockroaches will become small collectibles. So really exciting / beautiful because of the content, illustrations and binding. In doing so, they must also have as much 'sendappeal’ as possible. Just like in a regular card rack. Think of a story to comfort someone who has a hard time, something about birthdays, being sick or sad. About the death of a relative or pet, about moving, about friends (or the lack of it), about getting used to a new school or sister. Or about a safari in your own back yard... A lot of topics are applicable. Categories The main categories are literature, poetry, young and culinary. The aforementioned topics can be found in all these categories. A collection of poems about death in the poetry category, a story about friendship in Young, consoling recipes in a culinary booklet and celebrating a literary treatise on birthday in Literature. Illustrations The most important thing of course is the content. Each booklet is illustrated, although one booklet will have more illustrations than the other. For example, we have a small anthology of three poems about death, which have been forged into one with illustrations. With longer stories, the illustrations will mainly consist of a few bigger illustrations, combined with some smaller ones. Frequency After the first batch of 32 little cockroaches, every two months four to eight new titles come out, divided over the different categories. In addition, a series of 'special editions' will appear at various times during the year. A series of cockroaches around a certain (current) theme such as sports, public holidays and so on. Specifications The booklets are 12x17 cm and count 16 pages with a cover of thicker paper. They are bound with a bindersstitch, which makes them considerably more elegant than stapled booklets. Everything is produced within the Netherlands. The printing is done by a sustainable printer in Groningen and all paper comes from Europe. The name Even when the earth is bombed by a nuclear bomb, cockroaches will survive. The same applies to us, makers of texts and illustrations: however difficult and how minimal the earnings are, people will always keep writing, drawing, dancing, etc. We hope that our Little cockroaches will spread all over the world, just like a plague. And finally: the name lingers. Whether you are horrified by cockroaches or not, it is something that you won’t immediately forget.


  • 16 pages
  • 12 x 17 centimeters
  • 4 colors
  • with thicker paper for the cover, bound with binderstitch

Rights available for...

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Europe)