Conquer your home is a book that will forever change your way of decorating, living and enjoying your home. Set free from the traditional decorating formulas, discover your style and learn to be faithful to it creating a personal strategy for your home. A new edition with new content and up to date ideas. Throw away the conventions and prejudices with this fun and unexpected activity book. In it you will find new ways to compose the space with harmony, you will learn to play with the lighting, reinvent spaces turning the furniture upside down and understand that you have to give your fetish goods the place they deserve. ? 12 special missions to discover your personal style and put it into practice at home. ? Full color photos of inspiring spaces and situations. Special Bonus: ? ideas to enjoy more of the house, every day. Features Book size: 235mm(H) x 180mm(W) (Portrait) Cover: Coated paper wraps 2mm greyboard, 4C/0C print, matte varnish. Pages: 224 Pages, 128gsm Matt art paper. 4C print on double sides. Sewn Bound. Endsheet: 160gsm woodfree paper, 4C/4C print. Number of words: 15.415 Copies sold: +3.600 About The Author: María Tórtora Maria’s blog Casa Chaucha was born in May of 2009, with the publication of a journey-experiment to a friend's house. Since then, she has visited more than 170 houses (from Buenos Aires, Rosario and Cordoba, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay), received millions of visits to the site, and published a beautiful book that is sold out, thanks to the readers. María thinks that The place where we live is our microworld. The exact sample of how we live, what we prioritize and what we like. How it looks and how it works directly affects how we feel about being there. You're going to live with someone and that means sharing the house. You adopt an animal, you have a son, you grow up...everything impacts there. The themes that summon it are unreachable, much more than decoration, cooking and crafts. Her goal is to reflect that breadth. Follow her Instagram @casachaucha 61K


  • 224 pages
  • 18 x 23.5 centimeters
  • 4 colors
  • Sewn. Hard cover, laminated.

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