A playful and heartwarming board book from the perspective of a skeptical dog who must come to terms with--and maybe even become friends with--a peculiar new family member. Perfect for dog loving families and new parents! Dog likes his routines: spending time with his humans, eating, sleeping, and playing. But one day, the arrival of a new being changes everything. It's hard to know what this creature is--is it a dog, or something else?--but as Dog investigates, he may come to appreciate his loud, silly new sibling. She does drop food on the ground, after all. With Dog's First Baby, Natalie Nelson captures the wonder and humor of a new family member through a dog's eyes. Sure to delight kids and dog parents alike, this board book promises to be a repeat readaloud. A PLAYFUL TWIST ON AN EVERGREEN CONCEPT: Picture books about bringing home a new baby are classic for good reason, as it's an exciting--and chaotic--time for a family! Human siblings will relate to this dog sibling's skepticism, and the spare text offers a gentle lesson about accepting a new family member and eventually enjoying the silliness and entertainment along the way. DOG PARENTS TO HUMAN PARENTS: Approximately 63% of American households have dogs, and plenty of those will eventually welcome a baby, too. Dog's First Baby will be a natural self-purchase for parents transitioning to a different kind of parenthood! ENDLESS GIFT POTENTIAL: With a sturdy board book format and $9.99 price point, this will be an easy addition to baby shower and new baby gifts for dog-loving parents. AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR WITH EYE-CATCHING ART STYLE: Natalie Nelson has illustrated several critically-acclaimed picture books as well as her author/illustrator debut Holiday! She works in a colorful mixed media hybrid of collage, cut paper, and digital magic that is striking and sophisticated--sure to appeal to millennial parents. NEXT UP: Cat's First Baby: Cat lovers rejoice--Cat's First Baby follows in Spring 2022!


  • 28 pages
  • 7 x 7 inches
  • 4 colors
  • Boardbook

Rights available for...

  • Dutch
  • French