Now, possums steal your garbage. But with this book . . . they’ll steal your heart! Possums have traditionally been regarded as frightening pests, inducing horror with their many teeth, weird scaly tails, and unsettling habit of playing dead. But these seemingly mundane backyard pests are actually incredible creatures with an outsized ecological, historical, and cultural impact. Ally Burguieres, wildlife rehabber and the human behind the viral ItsMeSesame Instagram account, shares her passion for possums through this fun and off-beat guide that dispels the many misconceptions and myths about these misunderstood creatures. The book is packed with dozens of adorable never-before-seen photos of the Internet's most beloved possums, informative illustrations, and a “Meet the Possums” section that will introduce readers to Burguieres's sweet rescues, including Sesame, Starry, Cornelia, George, and Daffodil. Readers will be convinced that not only are possums cute, but they deserve our respect and protection. It’s time to rebrand the possum from “trash animal” to “it animal!” Primary: Millenial and Gen Z animal lovers, especially of quirky or offbeat animals Secondary: Fans of the author and other online possum accounts, including Leona Lee the Opossum and Poppy the Possum Tertiary: Gift-givers who are buying books for animal lovers


  • 128 pages
  • 6 x 7 inches
  • 4 colors
  • Hardcover

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