This book/week planner without data ‘Energize’ is not a quick fix, but it is a clear and effortless way to a live with more energy. And that starts with more relaxation. This guide helps you in 12 months to find what gives you energy. And all that in a quick, light and bite-sized way. Although the book is light-hearted, it is intended to to change life permanently. Anke Houben will hire you for a year hand, to help you take a step towards more each month resilience. BUY BECAUSE: * * Plain language, no hovering * * Low-threshold and immediate * applicable in your daily life * * Perfect gift for anyone who could use a little more relaxation and energy. Preface of the writer: I'm so glad you gave yourself this guide. This book gives you all kinds of practical tips and tricks, so that you learn how much influence you actually have on your life and your energy level. The guide describes a wide range of options, where you can choose what works for you and what fits into your life. This one is so it is not intended to dictate to you what the right way is. I believe because that's what it's all about: discovering and applying what benefits you have. Getting to know yourself and knowing what your own needs are is amazing important. Because I know that the biggest stumbling block in applying new habits is often the time available, I made sure that all tips do not take much time and are still effective. MY STORY Before we start, let me take you through my story. After my completed Law study was the logical next step for a PhD. That looked like a successful life from the outside, but at 26 I dropped out with a severe burnout. I could hardly do anything anymore, and the lack of influence on this scared me. After two years I still struggled with many fatigue complaints and was diagnosed with CFS/ME (chronic fatigue). I decided not to let it go. With the little bit of energy I have now I went to investigate. I read many books, attended workshops and courses, and learned more and more how much influence I have myself. I was going to apply these tips and noticed they made a difference. I give you that too. This book is very suitable if you are now stressed or have a burnout, because you are not have to read a lot and still receive a lot of useful information. Yet it is Also intended for people who just want to have a little more energy at the end of the day. I have combined my own experience with as many scientific sources as possible. The reason for this is that you are more willing to apply the tips if you also really believes they work. And the more you believe in it, the easier it is for you persists and the greater the results will be. WARNING This includes a small advance warning. If you only read this book If you read through, not much will change for you. You bought it with a specific purpose. And to change, you have to go other things too to do. This can sometimes feel unsafe, but know that your brain is set up to… to keep everything as it was. It does not know that in the long run more energy if you start applying new habits in your life now. Therefore, you will find yourself going astray at times. Treat it with love and remind yourself of the purpose of this guide. 'Cause you know what's going on as you start to make your little new habits your own. Word count: 22494


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