A friendly and accessible book of 75 lists that will help anyone experiencing a change or loss–for readers of Maggie Smith, Cheryl Strayed, and Katherine May–from the creators of the popular What's Your Grief website and community. Some losses, like the death of a loved one, can turn your life upside down. Other losses are far less recognizable, from the loss of a job, to a breakup, to a relocation, and many more of life’s ebbs and flows—yet they still need to be processed and grieved. From therapists Eleanor Haley and Litsa Williams, known for their popular website of the same name, What’s Your Grief? will help you examine, investigate, and move through the complex but universal experience of grief in a friendly and accessible way. Seventy-five engaging and informative lists—to-do (and not-to-do) lists, bucket lists, interactive lists, and more—will help readers understand and cope with losses both large and small. Examples include: 5 Little-Known Truths about Grief 6 Ways Grief Can Change Your Priorities 3 Types of Coping 9 Tips for Communicating What You Do (And Don’t) Need Although there’s no single way to experience grief, this unique book will help you move through it.


  • 208 pages
  • 6 x 8 inches
  • 4 colors
  • Hardcover

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