Eloi does not like the world in which he lives and with Simon, his dog, they embark on a fortunate journey into the woods. In the city, days are marked by noise, by an environment that moves quickly, where waste and concerns accumulate. Eloy, a boy who is not at ease with the place where he lives and who dreams of going to a place far from all this, will embark on an adventurous journey accompanied by his best friend, the dog Simon, traveling the path towards the wild nature. Following in his footsteps, the reader will be able to share Eloy’s amazement at the majesty of the forest, its streams and its trees, and meet a small animal community, where each character acquires a symbolic value, as in an ancient story that nonetheless speaks to the cotemporary reader. Bernat Cormand’s last book invites us on an initiatory journey, where the enthusiasm and tenacity of a child are all that is needed to make sense of reality. A book that somehow echoes the concerns and dreams of our days. ------------ Writer and illustrator Bernat Cormand died on June 20, 2021 without having finished this book. He had written the text and also drawn the full storyboard. His painter brother, Martí Cormand, who was particularly close to Bernat, drew the illustrations. As Martí Cormand himself says, he followed in Bernat’s footsteps in the snow, giving life to his brother’s book, being faithful to his creative intentions. Thus we can all read this beautiful and compelling book, that expresses the anxieties and the desire of being close to the nature that many of us feel these days


  • 48 pages
  • 21 x 28.5 centimeters
  • 4 colors
  • Hardcover

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  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Europe)