As annoying as it is to admit it, exercise is the quickest, safest, most reliable way to improve mental health. But if you're depressed, anxious, burnt out, or struggling, it may feel impossible to get started, get serious, or even get out of bed. Work It Out is for people with diagnosed depression, anxiety, and executive function disorders (like ADHD and autism), but also for anyone who sometimes feels too gloomy or stressed to get moving. Written by an autistic personal trainer, Work It Out busts myths about fitness while providing clear, actionable advice on how to: Incorporate exercise into your daily life Build an adjustable workout plan for good and bad mental health days Shake off the messages that say you're never doing enough Set up a workout log that motivates you in exactly the way you need Celebrate all your achievements, including getting out of bed But also get a little exercise in bed, if that's where we are today Featuring flow charts and exercise trackers that make it easy to choose and customize a routine, this accessible guide will help you get the mood-boosting effects of movement without making yourself miserable. MILLENNIALS AND GEN Z WANT SELF-CARE WITHOUT STIGMA: This book fits in with TikTok, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts sharing information about functioning well with conditions like depression and ADHD while reducing shame MOST PEOPLE STRUGGLE WITH MENTAL HEALTH—NOW MORE THAN EVER: More than a third of the American adult population experiences symptoms of anxiety and depression—jumping to more than 40% during the pandemic FOR PEOPLE WITH AND WITHOUT MENTAL HEALTH DIAGNOSES: Depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc. have better awareness than ever, but even people without mental health conditions are increasingly exhausted and scattered due to world events THE PANDEMIC DISRUPTED OUR EXERCISE ROUTINES: Even people who were previously gym-goers may be rethinking their entire approach to exercise or struggling to reestablish a regular practice AUTHOR IS A FORMER PERSONAL TRAINER AND PROFESSIONAL PILLOW FIGHTER: As an autistic fitness professional, Sarah Kurchak knows a lot about exercise, why you should do it, and how to make it fun and rewarding—but also deeply understands why it’s a struggle ATTRACTIVE, EASY-TO-USE CHARTS: Features flow charts and exercise trackers that make it easy to choose and customize a routine


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