Play hide-and-seek with adorable dogs Yaya and Boo in this joyful board book from the creator of the Find Momo series! Where is Yaya, and what mischief is Boo getting into? Look for Yaya and Boo at a lemonade stand by the end of the driveway, hidden in the flower beds near the front porch, waiting for a snack at the kitchen table, and more! Learn new words by searching for objects in each picture, and spot Yaya and Boo in the unlikeliest places. Whether they’re hiding in a cardboard castle or snuggling in a pile of stuffed animals, Yaya and Boo show us that staying at home can be an adventure, too! A NEW GAME OF HIDE-AND-SEEK: This is the third board book in the Find Momo series by Andrew Knapp, following Let's Find Momo! and Let's Find Momo Outdoors!. Kids and parents will love looking for Yaya, Boo, and assorted objects together. NEW CHARACTERS, SAME DELIGHTFUL GAME: Though Momo has sadly passed away, we continue the adventure with Boo (who readers met in Let's Find Momo Outdoors!) and Yaya, a cousin of Momo! THE MAGIC OF HOME: Yaya and Boo playfully hide anywhere they can fit–and anywhere they can get into some mischief. Kids will love getting to know these dogs in their favorite places close to home. A CLASSIC, GIFTABLE FORMAT: Like the previous board books in the Find Momo series, this will be a sturdy, kid-friendly board-book format that's easy for little fingers to handle and makes for a great gift. Perfect for bedtime reading, story time, and long car trips. THE NEXT GENERATION OF DOGS AND DOG LOVERS: Yaya and Boo are poised to win the hearts of Momo fans–and with over 630,000 Instagram followers, Andrew Knapp has a dedicated audience to reach with these books. Series Overview Momo, Yaya, and Boo love to play hide-and-seek with you! Look for these adorable pup pals hiding in the stunning photography of their best friend, Andrew Knapp


  • 24 pages
  • 8 x 8 inches
  • 0 colors
  • Boradbook

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