For anyone who's ever wondered where Mom is when you need her most, Pocket Mom comes to the rescue. This book is a collection of the essential practical wisdom of Mom, from cooking, housekeeping, and hygiene tips to advice on life, love, and getting along. You'll learn how to cook perfect rice, iron a shirt, load a dishwasher, pack a lunch, install shelf paper, prevent mold and mildew, change the vacuum cleaner bag, dress for a first date, recognize true love when you see it, and much more. When it comes to living in the real world, Mom really does know best! When it comes to cooking rice, ironing shirts, making chicken soup, or installing shelf paper, Mom really does know best-and now her most valuable advice has been distilled into this handy, pocket-sized companion. Pocket Mom features dozens of essential skills relating to cooking, housekeeping, safety, hygiene, life, love, and getting along. You'll discover how to: *Prevent mold and mildew *Make a perfect cup of coffee *Choose a vitamin supplement *Make a budget *Dress for a first date *Recognize true love *And much, much more. With Pocket Mom's practical instructions and whimsical illustrations, you can bring the best of Mom wherever you go-and we promise she'll never say things like, "Honey, have you been putting on weight?" DINA FAYER is a San Francisco Bay Area writer and editor. She is finally glad that her mother was right. ISBN 1-931686-83-1 | $12.95 | 4 1/2 x 5 7/8 | 176 pages | 2c | paperback with inset dial cover | Rights: World | Reference / How-to | May 2004


  • 176 pages
  • 4 x 6 inches
  • 0 colors
  • Paperback
  • rounded corners/wheel 30 2-color illustrations

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