It's an astonishing but true fact that about 2.4 million American marriages are "commuter marriages" where spouses live in different locations because of job opportunities. Expand that number to include all couples where one partner has moved away to start a new job or continue his/her education-then add in the vast number of people who travel regularly for their jobs-and you're looking at a pretty pervasive phenomenon. Long-distance relationship couples are everywhere. The other astonishing fact is that, up to now, the books dealing with LDRs have been so enormously lame. The Long-Distance Relationship Guide will remedy that situation: With fun yet informative chapters on starting, maintaining, and surviving the LDR, this book will be chockfull of helpful quizzes, entertaining sidebars, and lists, lists, lists (the top ten LDR songs, the best LDR movies, and more). Anecdotes from couples who successfully (or unsuccessfully) navigated the world of LDPs (long distance partners) will be liberally sprinkled throughout each chapter.


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