The concept of spirits has haunted cultures around the world since ancient times. Typically, ghosts have been a source of thrills and chills, but they’ve also provided a sense of hope and comfort that death isn’t necessarily the end of life. Today, they are treated more like a superstition, incompatible with our trust in science and technology. Yet a recent Gallup poll suggests that more than a third of Americans continue to believe in ghosts—and some are using science to prove their existence. Despite all reason, we just can’t seem to let ghosts die, as seen in our fascination with the Fox Sisters, Amityville Horror, Ed and Lorraine Warren, and A&E’s Ghosthunters. Featuring a compelling text, rarely seen documents, and atmospheric illustrations, Chasing Ghosts explores our obsession with famous phantoms, haunted houses, the science of ghost-hunting, and the tantalizing promise that, one day, modern technology will allow us to prove the existence of ghosts—once and for all. MARC HARTZMAN is “one of America’s leading connoisseurs of the bizarre” ( who has written books about Earth’s fascinating history with Mars, sideshow performers, Oliver Cromwell’s head, weird things on eBay, and unorthodox messages from God. His work has appeared in Mental Floss, Bizarre, and HuffPost/AOL Weird News, and he has discussed oddities on CNN, MSNBC, Ripley’s Radio, and the Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum. More of his love for the unusual can be found on his site and @weirdhistorian on Twitter and Instagram. Hartman works in advertising and lives with his wife, Liz, and their two daughters. Residence: New Rochelle, NY


  • 288 pages
  • 7 x 10 inches
  • 4 colors
  • Paperback with Flaps

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