TARGET CONSUMER: Readers of mind-bending horror and speculative mysteries and thrillers Fans of Stephen King, David Lynch, and Philip K. Dick and film/TV adaptations of their works Stephen King's The Mist m e e t s Twin Peaks in this mind-bending horror-thriller about a Midwestern town engulfed by a mysterious plague of tornadoes every generation. In a small town tucked away in the Midwestern corn fields, the grown-ups whisper about Tornado Day. Our narrator, a high school sophomore, has never heard such a phrase, though she and her friends can feel the weight of those words. The sense of impending doom. The only thing that stands between the town and total annihilation is a teen boy known as the Tornado Killer. Drawn to this enigmatic boy, our narrator befriends him and begins to sense an unnatural connection between them. But the grown-ups are hiding a secret about the origin of the tornadoes and the Tornado Killer--and it's more terrifying than our narrator could ever imagine. Audaciously conceived and steeped in existential dread, this genre-defying novel reveals the mythbound madness at the heart of American life. FOR READERS WHO LIKE THEIR HORROR BIG, AMBITIOUS, AND SMART: This book is for readers who are excited by the current wave of horror that has brought us unique voices with fresh perspectives on American life, like Stephen Graham Jones, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and Alma Katsu. They worship David Lynch and have read (or attempted to read!) House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski. STEPHEN KING’S THE MIST MEETS DAVID LYNCH’S TWIN PEAKS: With its inventive premise, story of man-made terror with supernatural consequences, and claustrophobic small town setting, Bride of the Tornado will draw natural comparisons to these heavy hitters. INCREDIBLE ACCOLADES AND COMPS FOR DARE TO KNOW: Dare to Know has received rave reviews from the Guardian, The Times, the Financial Times, the trades, and SFF genre magazines and blogs. It has drawn a wide variety of comparisons from Philip K. Dick to The Matrix to David Lynch to Donna Tartt’s The Secret History. This is all great set-up for Bride of the Tornado.


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