With wit, humor, and sincerity, Goblin Mode offers advice for decorating, dressing, crafting, foraging, and living according to the goblin principles of joyful mess. Do you ever feel weird, gross, chaotic, underappreciated, or like you don’t quite fit in? Great news: you might be a goblin! That means your imperfections and idiosyncrasies are the greatest thing about you, and you can build a more balanced, comfortable, harmonious life by accepting and honoring them—taking inspiration from the frogs, fungus, moss, rocks, and dirt that goblins love. Can a mushroom give you fashion tips? Can a snail teach you to be a better person? You bet they can—and you’ll also learn to: Build a moss garden for your lair Grow and use medicinal plants Forage for berries (even in the city) Mend your cozy sweaters Display your cool rock collection And more! Featuring 25 whimsical illustrations by Marian Churchland, Goblin Mode will help you rethink your relationship with your body, your home, your community, and the earth. GROWING GEN Z/MILLENNIAL TREND: The #goblincore hashtag on TikTok has over 860 million views, and publications from Mashable to Vice to the Guardian have written articles about the goblincore trend. AHEAD OF THE CURVE: As Basic Witches did for the witch trend, Goblin Mode is anticipating and helping to define the cultural zeitgeist. (The book was announced two weeks before a Guardian article that asked "why are so many people going 'goblin mode'?") RISING STAR AUTHOR: As a young queer and nonbinary Alaskan internet professional who can make jam and gut a fish, Coyle is perfectly suited to write about both goblincore’s traditional crafts and its modern sensibility. FUNNY, ENGAGING VOICE: Readers will learn a lot, but more importantly they’ll laugh a lot. DIY PROJECTS: Includes instructions for decor, fashion, and food craft projects to make your life more gobliny. CHARMING ILLUSTRATION: 25 two-color drawings by Marian Churchland give readers an instant sense of the goblin aesthetic


  • 208 pages
  • 5.5 x 7.5 inches
  • 4 colors

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  • French
  • Dutch