Explore our fascination with UFO sightings, alien abductions, the science behind extraterrestrial intelligence and more in this unique pop history book. Do you want to believe? After decades of cover-ups and denials, in a June 2021 Pentagon report, the government finally admitted what many people already knew: yes, UFOs are real, and no, we don’t know what (or who) they are. Join writer and historian Marc Hartzman as he tracks our fascination with UFOs and aliens from ancient times to present day, including: UFO sightings, from the famous (including the Rendlesham Forest Incident, the Phoenix Lights, and the Ariel School Incident) to the obscure Alien abductions, including the Betty and Barney Hill abduction and the Pascagoula abduction Ancient aliens, from Biblical astronauts to the alien architects behind the pyramids Scientific evidence, including the “Wow!” radio signal and the interstellar ‘Oumuamua object Cover-ups and conspiracies, including the Roswell Incident and Area 51 Governmental and military reports, including declassified Project Blue Book reports, UFOs at nuclear weapons sites, and the 2021 congressional hearings. Deeply researched and highly entertaining, We Are Not Alone will inform and enchant anyone who’s ever doubted we’re really alone in the universe. INSATIABLE AUDIENCE: Fans of UFOs are hungry for content, as evidenced by shows like Unidentified, Project Blue Book, and Ancient Aliens, radio shows and podcasts like Coast to Coast AM, Podcast UFO, and Somewhere in the Skies, cons like the International UFO Congress, Mutual UFO Network Symposium, and Alien Con, and /UFOs on Reddit, which has well over half a million subscribers–not to mention fans of sci-fi who also read nonfiction. NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN CONTENT: Marc Hartzman is a researcher extraordinaire with an astonishing ability to secure access to people, places, and documents that are typically off-limits. Many of the interviews, stories, and photos within are being published for the very first time, including exclusive interviews with prominent figures such as Pascal Lee, Leslie Kean, Chris Mellon, Dr. Jill Tarter, and many more. GAP IN THE MARKET: This large and hungry audience is underserved, with most books on the market self-published and/or conspiracy-minded. This book will fill a big gap in the market for a balanced and skeptical yet still fun exploration of our fascination with UFOs, in a gorgeous, photo-filled package. TOPICAL TIE-INS: Interest in UFOs and extraterrestrial life is evergreen, and you can count on there always being a relevant tie-in in the news, from the congressional UFO hearings of 2021 to the James Webb telescope photos to NASA’s newly commissioned UFO study. COMPELLING PACKAGE AND ACCESSIBLE READING EXPERIENCE: The full-color, POB package contains 75 photos of UFO sightings, primary documents, artwork, and more, making it supremely giftable as well as a great coffee table book. Five distinct sections separated by chapter open spreads, dozens of subheads, and eye-catching sidebars make it easy to dip in and out.


  • 336 pages
  • 7 x 9 inches
  • 4 colors
  • Hardcover

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